Protective knee pads for Pole Dance: why are they needed, and what are their features?

Desire and enthusiasm are not enough for practicing any kind of sport. Comfort and convenience in the process are provided by a properly selected form of clothing with accessories. Let’s focus on a specific example – dancing.

Many dancing types are represented by various combinations of movements and the beauty of complex connections. Often, during the dance, you need to lower yourself to the floor in order to perform the desired element. As a result of the pressure on the knee joints, there are many bruises and other injuries. Dance knee pads can prevent this.

When it comes to more plastic dancing types, for example, pole dance, safety is especially important. Professional dance knee pads reliably protect this area, particularly the inner side and areas under the knee. They not only protect but also provide high-quality fixation on the pole.

By using the QUEEN Wear brand as an example, we will try to figure out how to choose suitable knee pads for dancing. What should you pay attention to while choosing them?

How to choose knee pads for dancing?

We already know that protection for strip plastic should be comfortable and not hinder the dancer’s movements in any way. But is that alone enough?

Comfort of usage is fundamental for creating the right dance knee pads.

QUEEN Wear was able to analyze most of the problems of the customers and create products that fully satisfy their requests and needs. From this moment on, even the most intense training will take place without hesitation and difficulties. Thanks to the correct tissue structure, knee pads for dance will only improve smoothness and clarity of movement.

Quality knee pads: not only convenient one.

Protective pads can prevent injury or trauma. But in the same way, they should not interfere with the performance of dance combinations. QUEEN Wear knee pads have a special coating on the back of each model to help it fit nicely on the pole.

Beauty and versatility.

Each pair of pole dance knee pads from QUEEN Wear is unique and perfect in its own way. Effective design, freedom, ease, and no feeling of pain during training – the creators managed to achieve their goal. Many dancers from all over the world never cease to say one thing –  dance knee pads should create dance history with them without causing discomfort or interfering with the process.

Features of knee pads for pole dance: what is taken into account when creating them?

The center and back of the knee are the places that get a lot of pressure during pole dancing. The protective cup of the knee pad has a unique shape. It protects the dancer during the stretching and flowing movements of the strip.

Reinforcement of the lower part of the knee pads helps to protect this area during active dances and dynamic elements. Many dancers may wear protection mistakenly. In order to avoid this, you need to put on an overlay and bend your leg. This way, you can help her to fit in the correct zone.

All models of QUEEN Wear knee pads have a standard height of 22 centimeters. But do not immediately think that they are not suitable for you. During training, the pad adapts to the knee, returning to its average size.

The dance knee pad can adjust to its unique shape after 2-3 workouts. If there is a need to update an accessory, you just need to replace its insert. They come in different sizes:

  • Light – 0.6 cm;
  • Standard – 1 cm;
  • Plus – 1.5 cm.

The line of the QUEEN Wear brand has three types of models:

  • for active dances without using a pole – classical;
  • sticky knee pads are great for pole dancing: they help to fix correctly on it, assist in performing complex tricks;
  • slides protect the popliteal area, allow easy glide on the floor while dancing.

Quality protection of your knees from QUEEN Wear guarantees safety during the most challenging combinations and also gives incredible pleasure from dancing. At the same time, all that is possible without focusing on them.