Years ago, knee pads weren’t common to ascertain on a pole dancer’s legs – whether it had been lack of availability, club policy, or aesthetic preference, it just wasn’t in practice.

The wear a dancer can place on their knees – especially if they often perform floorwork or knee-intensive movements – can cause serious damage or injuries to the knee over time if left unchecked.

Specifically made these knee pad pole dance has emerged within a previous couple of years and gained popularity as how of keeping our knees safe while staying stylish. Kneepads are most vital during practice sessions, where you would possibly be repeating an equivalent move dozens of times on an equivalent part of the body.

Protecting your knees during these times will help protect your body from experiencing the wear and tear that comes with repetitive use of an equivalent part, and pole manufacturers began to reply to the individual needs of the community.

Poledancerka Knee Pads

Poledancerka Knee Pads© are the newest must-have for all pole dancers and dance lovers.

With a trendy quilted front padded with durable fillers, they’re designed with an exposed back, allowing you to perform knee supporting tricks. Each protective garment is additionally designed with a sticky area on the inner side of the knee for grip on the pole during climbs. albeit it’s designed for pole dance, these knee pads are so sleek and sexy, they will be used as a trendy accessory to finish your outfit. Save your knees in style!

Poledancerka Knee Pads are available with pockets to insert additional padding (optional). the extra padding isn’t included and may be ordered here.

Trusted and used heavily by celebrity pole dancers: Daria Che, Marion Crampe and Maddie Sparkle, Sergia Louise Anderson, Phoenix Kazree, Amy Hazel and thousands of other professional pole dancers around the world.


  • Sexy and appealing aesthetics
  • Extra thin and additional soft filler
  • Lightweight
  • Slim-fitting design
  • Easy climbing with the grippy inner knee area
  • Durable filler
  • Back of knee ventilation zones promote breathability and grip
  • Soft interior lining for added comfort
  • VEGAN friendly

Suitable for:

  • pole dance
  • exotic dance
  • modern dance
  • booty twerk
  • indoor sports

Paradise Chick and Animal Velvet Socks

Paradise Chick shipped the socks promptly. The fast international delivery was a delight and doubled by the very fact that the packaging was secured to stop any damage to the merchandise or the branded box, so there’s an ideal display or storage container that comes all along with them, and that they are often placed in their own individual Paradise Chick sock bags.

The customer service was prompt and friendly, and that they were quick to resolve any issues, answering the several questions we had about sizing and merchandise quality.

Both products, the Superhero Sticky Socks and Animal Velvet Socks are stylish and cosy, featuring cutouts for the heel and foot, making it easy to pivot and switch. they’re both easy to tug on and begin and remain secure when worn. Neither product rolled down during wear, and both excelled within the best soft-shell padding out of the brands we reviewed.

The Animal Velvet Socks did chafe the inner knee after a couple of hours of use, except for typical classes or pole work that shouldn’t become a problem. These were far and away from our favourite when it came to comfortable wear, with the Superhero Sticky Socks coming during a close second.

The Superhero Sticky Socks were grippier than fabric, but there wasn’t enough grip to secure inverted moves. The grip is best for moves that need just a touch little bit of extra grip in low flow pole work. they’re stylish, however, and excellent for weather days.